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Attendance Software

Tracking time and attendance in schools through paper work is a very strenuous and time consuming task. With the introduction of Attendance Software and its application in schools, maintaining attendance is made simple and more better. Web based applications enable to track time and attendance of the students, employees and other school staff. Different types of methods are used while tracking attendance.

Reporting instantly is possible with the use of attendance software. Daily attendance sheets, weekly attendance, monthly is made easy with the use of attendance software. Attendance software and its features can be customized based on the requirements of the schools. Students, teachers, employees of the school and their software settings can be configured according to the requirement.

Data from attendance software can be imported to any other software application for enriching data for different operational analysis. Attendance software features also enable to calculate the correct payroll to the employees of the school. Attendance software is designed keeping in view the end-user in mind, and has additional feature of integrating with the payroll. Furthermore, a perfect payroll system can be maintained with the use of Attendance Software.

With the use of Attendance Software in school there will be a considerable fall in irregular students. Students Attendance sheet can be directly sent to parents. There are many Attendance Software types like card based, Facial based which are used according to the requirement of the schools.

Comprehensive tracking of attendance and pictorial representation of the attendance statistics can be provided better with the application of Attendance Software. Security and employee productivity levels can be increased with the use of Attendance Software. Employees of the school will be glad with the use of attendance software because it serves as a good and reliable system of tracking attendance, where cross checking is not needed.

Accuracy can be assured with the use of Attendance software and cost cutting on paper cards can be done easily. Centralised online Attendance Software helps to track attendance of employees in different branches and in different locations.

Managing Day to day attendance through manual methods and spending lot of time in updating reports now made simple. With the use of Smart School Software which is developed keeping in mind various needs and problems like tracking and maintaining student attendance provides you the best service saving your valuable time.

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