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Smart School Software - Frequently asked Questions regarding school software, College software
Smart School Software
Smart School Software
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does smart school Software suite to my institute?

Our 'Fin School Manager' suits most Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutes and Training Centers . We have developed this software considering the basic requirements of educational systems. As the software is customizable so you can have the chance to include or exclude new or existing features when every you want.

How your software is different from other school software packages?

Our software package is developed based on the requirements of the educational institutions. We have studied the difficulties causing educational institutes like Schools, Colleges & Training centers and developed 'Fin School Manager'.
It will address all the difficulties and help you to run your business smooth. Also we work hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Can I get the demo before purchasing the software?

We are providing the demo in video format and it is already displayed on our websites. You can able to view each and every module by clicking on the video clips before purchasing the software package. We want our customers or the clients to know fully about the features we have in our software. We placed the demo videos for the sole purpose of the benefit of our customers.

Can I get a trial of your software before I purchase it online?

Due to some security restrictions, we’re not providing any trial options prior to purchase.
But we’re giving money back guarantee option. So you can purchase the product and if you don’t like the product, come back to us with in 7 days of purchase date to get the money back.
So you got 7 days to test our product which is equal to trial only

What is Online Version?

Online version software are to be installed in the web hosting servers where customers can able to access the application through internet connectivity.

What is the Advantages with 'Online Version'?

We have developed the online application considering technology growth and many other advantages such as:
- Online application can able to access any where across the globe with internet connectivity.
- It is easy to monitor multiple branches.
- Parents can able to track the student’s performance.
- It is easy to use and easy to communicate.
- It is no way concerned with the system failures and other hardware problems and does not effect your software.

Is my Data Secured using your Software?

Data security is an important part of an overall security strategy. Keeping your sensitive data secure requires a little forethought and planning.  All of the servers and communications are secured to the highest standards, using technologies like PHP,MYSQL Database.

How to take back ups for Online Version?

With viruses and spy ware running we also have to take the regular backup there's no excuse not to take that time, and save yourself some serious unthinkable happens. We have an option in the control panel with the export and import buttons where we get the appropriate and timely records of the latest updated record.

In what Operating System, your Software will run?

Linux, Windows

I like your Software but need additional functionalities in it? What should I do?

Our software is customizable. If you want to additional features, you need to buy the original version software and come to us with details of additional functionality you looking. Based on your requirement, we do the customization at an additional cost.

How Can I pay online?

You can pay using most Debit or Credit Cards like Master, Visa, American Express, Solo and Mastro.

Can I Pay in any other method?

You can transfer funds directly into our company account and buy the software. For further details about bank transfer payments please email to

What should I do, if I get any problem while downloading & installing the software?

We have already provided you a document which helps you installing the software, but still if you have any queries or problems please email our support team at

Can I migrate or import my existing data into your software?

You can migrate or import your exisiting data in to our software. But you need to change the format of data in way that our software can understand. You will receive a ‘User Guide’ explaining data exports clearly

Will you provide any training to use the software?

We provide a clear 'User Manuals’' for every customer which will explain about every functionality of the software. Moreover our software is simple and easy navigable. So you don’t need any special training to learn about our software.

What kind of support I get after purchasing the software?

When you purchase the software you are provided with the installation guide, online demo in the website. If you still have any issue you can emails us at

What is the aim of Smart School Software?

- To make easy school management processes.
- To inculcate precision or accuracy in everything related to record maintenance or filling.
- To incorporate new usable features with advanced technology.

Why a School Management Software to run a school?

It takes lot of time to manage the school records and huge staff to maintain the process. It is also difficult to recollect the database. To manage the school in an efficient manner and error free, the school needs a software application which can serve all the basic operations. We have developed this software considering the requirements of each and every educational institute.

On which technology is this software designed?

We have developed the application in PHP, Ajax, Java Script back end is MYSQL database.

What are Annual Maintenance charges?

Annual maintenance is optional. Once the software is purchased based on the package cost we charge 10-12% as Annual Maintenance charges. This is exclusive of Government taxes and hosting charges. There are no hidden charges. Customers will only have to pay us only once in a year. 
Customization is apart from AMC.

Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Yes, you can upgrade from one package to other package at an additional cost.

Can it be useful for multiple branches?

Yes, it can be used for multiple branches if the application is running online.

What type of reports can you generate with this application?

We can generate various reports such as student admission reports, enrollment list, outstanding fee, monthly installment report, etc..,

What are subscription packages?

 Our software products are sold in subscription basis wherein you need to renewal every year for the access of the application. Subscription packages will help you understand the feature updates and regular support with the team.

How long I can use your software after the purchase?

Our software can use life long by subscribing every year. Our software licenses are valid for 370 days from the date of purchase and renewal for the next years.

What are Benefits of subscription packages?

 Our aim to provide a quality and quantity services.

  • Free software installations
  • New functionality updates for free of cost
  • 24/7 email and telephonic support
  • Customizable product
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